Our song Attenborough is featured in tonight’s episode of Waterloo Road! Tune in to BBC One at 20:00 GMT or check it out online here afterwards (UK only): http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006t1p7

straight-from-the-fridge asked: You guys are perfect! Please please please release some lyrics, I have trouble understanding exactly what you're saying in some songs, and I'd really like to see what you guys are trying to get across to us listeners. It's be lovely, again, you guys are perrrrfection! x

Sure thing, here are the lyrics for the album: http://bit.ly/VPMq0l

New video - Waiting Around To Die 

Actors: Astrid Hallén & Anders Filipsson
Production leader: Simon Gromer
Directed, shot and edited by Motellet Film,http://www.motelletfilm.se

(Source: youtube.com)

nlseven asked: I absolutely love your music (I listen to it on Spotify). I want my parents to enjoy it, especially the album 'Here Comes the Sun'. As my parents don't have Spotify, I thought I would buy the album on iTunes and burn a CD for them. But as I am Australian, I cannot buy from Sweden. I have the money—I want to give it to you!—but nobody will let me.

Hi nlseven,

Thanks for writing, it’s great to hear that you like our songs! I wasn’t aware of that iTunes glitch, sorry about that. How about you write us your e-mail adress and I’ll send you a link to a Mp3 zipfile of Here Comes the Sun? Free of charge of course.
Just send an email to birdplanemail@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up.


//Joel, IAB!IAP!

Supporting The Shins!

We will be supporting The Shins @ Pustervik in Göteborg on July 2nd. We’re really excited! Not only are The Shins a great band, they also have a new member in the very talented Richard Swift. You should check out his solo albums. See you in Götet!

5 out of 5

Swedish Smålandsposten is a fine publication with a great taste in music. The google translate version of the review is understandable almost all the way. Here you go:

Here comes the sun
(ROUND-UP RECORDS) (interesting label name - but it’s actually Razzia Records)
Rating: 5/5

Two Swedish men with an extremely good sense of good music, that’s what Joel Sjöö and Andreas Söderlund. Debut plate Here comes the sun has great melodies and music balances the melancholy with full-bodied arrangement created by strings, pounding drums and tentative piano. The feeling in the duo’s music fills every room in my apartment and eats me inside out. It’s pure luck when a debut album can make his way in this exceptional way. There are so many fragments in the mix, so many lines of text as I could reproduce with a well deserved descriptive analysis, but then the paper would not suffice. Instead, it suffices to say All the things you are, Crow Hill and the Sharks are only a sampling of all the middle-of-dot-tracks disc can hold. The melodies turn on the limits of what is indie pop with folk features and wants to reach his listeners at any cost. It is only to give way and let themselves be run over by their tasteful musicianship. There is a drive through the whole record that it is difficult to defend against. The songs are built up to quite often end up in the stormy and glorious. It’s all in most of the time and either you like it or you think that there will be a bit much. I love it!


We’re listed as Best New Music in Smålandsposten.

We’re listed as Best New Music in Smålandsposten.